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Board of Directors


Our incredible team is committed to advocating for the Asian Pacific American legal community.  Read below to learn more about what being part of PALSD means to us.

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Warren Den, President

San Diego County Public Defender Office

PALSD is doing the work of providing leadership in safeguarding the civil liberties of the Asian American community.  Now is our time!

Eric Tran, President-Elect 
San Diego County District Attorney's Office

"I joined PALSD because the organization engages its members with meaningful opportunities to serve and represent our legal community in the promotion of justice, equity, and access for all."


Interested in a position on the board? 

  • Board election process occurs in March

  • Eligibility Requirements:

    • Licensed to practice law in CA

    • A member of good standing with California bar

    • Current dues-paying member of PALSD

  • Questions? Contact us

Diana Cohen, Treasurer
Lilt, Inc.

"I am so excited to be part of such an active Board that has a focus on advancing their members and a passion for community engagement and service."

Julie T. Houth, Board Member 
Thomas Quinn, LLP

"I believe in equal representation and actively seek out roles where I can represent my background and culture; PALSD allows me to be a liaison between other bar associations and our community."

Melissa Ocampo.jpeg
Melissa Ocampo, Board Member 
San Diego County District Attorney's Office

"Joining PALSD and being part of the Board of Directors has been a true honor and privilege; it has allowed me to contribute to the empowerment and advancement of not only the APA legal community, but our APA community as a whole."

Duke Headshot.jpg
Juliet Park, Board Member

CA Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General

Y. Jennifer Lee, Immediate Past President

San Diego Superior Court

"PALSD gives me, and so many other Asian American attorneys, the voice we didn't realize we have." 

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