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PALSD has several committees that provide opportunities to engage our membership in better serving our community and advancing PALSD's mission.

Our open committees are open to all PALSD members and operate as follows:

  • Each committee is co-chaired by one current Board of Directors member and one non-Board member;

  • Each committee holds at least one event per year, to be coordinated with the PALSD Board of Directors;

  • Each committee meets at least once per quarter;

  • All committee members must be current PALSD members.

Our closed committees are comprised of members appointed by the PALSD Board of Directors.  These committees are by invitation only.

If you have questions or would like to get involved in a committee, please contact us

Open Committees

In-House Counsel Committee

The In-House Committee facilitates communication and networking among in-house counsel in San Diego. The committee offers professional and social events across a wide range of companies and practices. Learn more.

Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee supports and retains current members, as well as encourages and attracts new members. Learn more.

Program Committee 

The Program Committee develops and creates educational programming centered around specific topics relevant to PALSD's mission.  The committee seeks to provide events that address and bring attention to important issues in the Asian Pacific American community, as well as provide CLE-based events catered specifically to the legal community.  Learn more.

Mentorship Committee 

The Mentorship Committee connects law students with practicing attorneys in the San Diego legal community.​​The committee operates PALSD's Mentorship Program, which provides an avenue for law students to gain valuable information regarding different areas of law, professionalism, interviewing skills, networking, and development. Learn more. 

Women's Committee 

The Women’s Committee supports and promotes Asian Pacific American women in the San Diego legal profession.  The committee seeks to provide a forum to exchange information, foster professional relationships, and support career development. Learn more.

Closed Committees

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee renders valuable guidance and advice to the Board of Directors.  Comprised of some of PALSD's founding members as well as former Board of Directors and Past Presidents with a long history of service to PALSD, the current Board relies on the Advisory Committee’s special expertise to support and strengthen PALSD as an organization. Learn more. 



Judicial Endorsements Committee

The mission of the Judicial Endorsement Committee (JEC) is to examine the qualifications and temperament of candidates to the judiciary who seek PALSD’s endorsement. PALSD encourages qualified Asian and non-Asian judicial candidates to seek election or gubernatorial appointment to the bench. Endorsed candidates should reflect the diversity of the State of California, support the interests and goals of PALSD, and demonstrate the ability to contribute to a California judiciary of quality. ​​ Learn more

Scholarship Committee 

The Scholarship Committee reviews applications for each year's student scholarships, assessing each applicant for a number of qualifications, including GPA, involvement in the community, financial need, and dedication to community service.  The committee then makes a recommendation to the PALSD Board for the most qualified applicants to receive each year's scholarships. Learn more.

Awards Committee

PALSD's Awards Committee is committed to recognizing and nominating qualified members for the various awards available within our legal community. The Awards Committee strives to make these decisions on the basis of fair evaluation of the candidates’ nomination material and the stated criteria for receipt of the award in question. In order to increase the likelihood that the best possible candidates are nominated, the Awards Committee encourages self-nominations as well as peer nominations. Additionally, the Awards Committee will engage in outreach to increase the size and diversity of the pool of worthy candidates. Learn more. 

Non-Judicial Endorsements Committee  

This committee considers requests for endorsements for non-partisan San Diego City and County positions related to the legal community, such as the offices of City Attorney and District Attorney, as well as candidates for the Board of Directors of the San Diego County Bar Association and other local bar associations.​​ The purpose of providing endorsements is to ensure that the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community and its interests are represented in our community in a variety of positions. Learn more

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