Evaluation for Non-Judicial Endorsements

Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego (PALSD) may consider requests for endorsements for non-partisan San Diego City and County positions related to the legal community, such as the offices of City Attorney and District Attorney, as well as candidates for the Board of Directors of the San Diego County Bar Association and other local bar associations.


The purpose of providing endorsements is to ensure that the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community and its interests are represented in our community in a variety of positions. PALSD’s endorsement of an individual indicates that the individual is suitable for the office/position sought and supports PALSD’s mission and values.


A candidate seeking PALSD’s endorsement must contact PALSD at least 60 days prior to the deadline for the candidate’s application deadline with all of the required materials outlined below. However, PALSD is willing to work with candidates in the event that the position’s application process is shorter than a 60-day window on a case-by-case basis. PALSD reserves the right to decline endorsement requests based on insufficient time for full evaluation and consideration by the Committee and the right to decline to review an endorsement request at its discretion.



PALSD does not contact candidates and will not endorse a candidate who has not initiated the endorsement request to PALSD. The endorsement process is initiated by candidates only. Further, the names and application materials of all candidates seeking endorsement shall be kept confidential. 


To learn more about PALSD's policy, please click here:

If you have any questions about the process, contact PALSD at info@palsd.org.  FOR CANDIDATES SEEKING PALSD'S ENDORSEMENT FOR THE UPCOMING SAN DIEGO COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION (SDCBA) ELECTIONS, PLEASE ENSURE YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BY SEPTEMBER 16, 2019.  Applications for endorsement after 9/16/19 will not be considered.