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MCLE Multi-Provider Process

The Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego (PALSD) is a California State Bar Multi-MCLE Provider and, as such, must strictly adhere to the rules outlined by the California State Bar. As a Multi-MCLE Provider, PALSD is happy to co-sponsor MCLE events, but PALSD must insist that the Rules & Guidelines outlined herein are met.


Please keep in mind that PALSD’s Board meets the first Tuesday of every month and the Board must approve all MCLE Activities. What that means for you is that you must submit all the required information and materials in sufficient time for the Board to review and approve any co-sponsorship activities.


Please follow the checklist below, which outlines the deadlines. We cannot guarantee that PALSD can provide MCLE credit for your activity if you do not meet the deadlines outlined here.


Thank you for your interest and support. We look forward to working together.

MCLE Application

MCLE Checklist

45 calendar days prior to MCLE Activity

Complete MCLE application

Review, sign, and return Statement of Compliance with California State Bar Standards for Providing MCLE, to the PALSD MCLE Chair at

Provide a copy of the presenter’s CV to PALSD’s MCLE Chair at

First week of the month

PALSD’s Board will review your submission and vote on whether to cosponsor the proposed MCLE Activity.

PALSD’s MCLE Chair will advise you whether the proposed MCLE Activity has been approved or not

5 business days following Board approval of the MCLE activity

Provide a copy of the promotional materials for the MCLE activity to PALSD’s MCLE Chair

Weeks prior to MCLE activity

10 business days prior to activity: Provide a copy of the handouts for the MCLE activity to PALSD’s MCLE Chair. Please keep in mind that Powerpoint slides alone are insufficient for the State Bar’s requirements.

5 business days prior to activity: PALSD MCLE Chair will provide you with a blank MCLE Certificate of Attendance, a blank Record of Attendance, a blank Evaluation Form, and a Speaker’s Certificate of Attendance

At MCLE activity

Furnish an MCLE Certificate of Attendance and Evaluation Form to each attendee

Have attendees sign in on the Record of Attendance for the MCLE Activity

Within 2 business days following MCLE activity

Provide the original completed Record of Attendance and the original completed Evaluation Forms for the MCLE Activity to PALSD’s MCLE Chair


Please direct questions regarding the endorsement process or the Committee to

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