The mission of PALSD's Mentorship Program is to provide an avenue for law students to gain valuable information regarding different areas of law, professionalism, interviewing skills, networking, and development. The program connects law students with practicing attorneys in the San Diego legal community.  PALSD’s goal is to ensure that law students receive support and guidance to help maximize their potential both during law school and afterwards as they embark on their professional legal careers.


The duration of the Mentorship Program runs from the month of October of the current year to the month of September of the following year. This timeframe allows law students entering the new academic year to submit applications for the program and connect with a mentor throughout the academic year. Current membership with PALSD is required to participate in the program. After submitting an application, law students will be paired with an attorney mentor. Mentors and mentees will receive communication regarding their respective mentor and mentee match, contact information, and upcoming events. A mentorship program kick-off event generally follows after this initial notification.

PALSD considers law students’ interests in specific areas of law and will make every effort to pair them with attorneys practicing in such areas or previously practiced in the same. Although the Mentorship Program is geared towards law students, PALSD may accept request for mentors from new attorneys (0-3 years) to be connected with more seasoned attorneys when possible.  


Throughout the duration of the program, mentors and mentees are strongly encouraged to meet and attend community activities, local bar functions, and events presenting practical learning opportunities such as court hearings, lectures, etc. At a minimum, mentors and mentees must meet once during the program. Attorney mentors are encouraged to provide information regarding their area of practice, experience and perspective on legal opportunities. PALSD recommends that attorney mentors take an active, personal interest in the development of the law student he or she is advising. PALSD encourages law students to seek guidance and day-to-day practical information from their assigned attorney mentors. The onus is on the law student to reach out and contact his/her mentor to schedule a time to meet. Law students are urged to take this opportunity and explore professional interests, questions or concerns and draw on the experiences and knowledge of his or her mentor while being respective of their mentors' time.



Mentorship Committee Chair: Albert Heng

Deadline: Currently closed. The Membership Program will reopen in the fall of 2018.
Submit the mentorship application by the stated due date on the application. 
Copies of the application are provided to respective law student representatives of PALSD and available via email upon request. 

Please direct questions regarding the process to Albert Heng.

Mentorship application can be found here.